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Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

About Nextec

Nextec Technologies is a private high-tech company, founded in 2001, by a group of experts , specializing in cutting-edge automated production-floor high precision, high speed, laser scanning, measurement and geometry inspection.
For over a decade, Nextec's main focus is to supply fast, accurate and reliable inspection systems for the automotive and aerospace industries.
Nextec's proprietary technologies and products, combining CCD and laser, innovative optics, electro-optics and image processing along with real time adaptive control, offer automated in-line quality control systems and reverse engineering applications. Nextec products is fully integrated to CMM and automatic mass production lines.
Nextec products bring significant value to the market by reducing delivery time, lowering production cost, and improving productivity and yield, thus offering a fast return on investment.
Today, having installed over 200 systems worldwide with high customer satisfaction, Nextec is considered a leading supplier of non-contact inspection solutions directly to production-floor.
The company has a professional distribution network and satisfied customers in North America, Europe, Asia and the Far East.

The major advantages of Nextec technology are:

    Turn-key tailored solution

    Speed & Throughput - six times faster than conventional CMM's

    Accuracy - equal or better than touch probes

    Cost Saving - of precision jigs

    Setup Time - simple and short setup

    Features - edges and small features, shiny and colored parts

    Hawk scanning and digitizing, developed for prototype verification and reverse engineering

    Today we are actively advancing in the field of:

      Aero engine compressor and Turbine blade inspection of ROLLS ROYSE, PRATT & WITHNEY, MTU, SNECMA (Safran), GE and etc.
      Dental and Cardiovascular Implants
      Inspection of small precision electronic components - without being affected by the material, glares, or surface conditions
      In the field of measuring transparent parts (all geometry, including thickness)
      Plastic products,Injection molded parts
      In the field of measuring Automotive parts